Thursday, May 17, 2012

Cold Eels on Radio National's Awaye

Radio National's  Daniel Browning talks with the curator of MGA's current exhibition Cold Eels and Distant Thoughts, Djon Mundine and artists Adam Hilll nad Jason Wing 

First up they unpack the enigmatic title of the exhibition that comes from a statement by Afro-American boxer Jack Johnson (1878–1946). When asked why white women were attracted to black men, Johnson amusingly and cryptically replied: ‘We eat cold eels and think distant thoughts’. GREAT LISTENING!

The eight photographers included in this exhibition belong to two generations: the younger Adam Hill and Jason Wing, who is of Aboriginal and Chinese descent; and six mid-career photographers, Michael Aird, Mervyn Bishop, Gary Lee, Peter Yanada McKenzie, Ricky Maynard and Michael Riley. 

Jason WING
Birripi people
An Australian government initiative self-portrait  2012
22 laser prints, black paint
collection of the artist

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Lee Grant , winner of the Bowness Photography Prize in 2010 is editor of Timemachine a collaborative online magazine with editorial contributions from Tom Williams and Sarah Rhodes.

The current issue titled Elegy features an essay from Helen Ennis' Reveries and the work of photographers well known to MGA audiences , such as Stephen Dupont and Georgia Metaxas plus others.The website states "Timemachine publishes contemporary photography from Australia and elsewhere in the world. Our emphasis is on showing new work and longer term projects; and bringing the concerns of photographers and their colleagues to wider attention.