Friday, July 27, 2012

Catherine Clover at Platform

Catherine Clover; A Filth of Starlings 
opening Friday 3rd August 2012

This exhibition comprises 24 A1 size works on paper, two in each cabinet. The works are, effectively, lists of the collective nouns used for a variety of urban bird species, including ravens, sparrows, crows and starlings. A huge variety of collective nouns, particularly for groupings of animals, are a characteristic of the English language. These nouns are intriguing and some of the versions can be traced back to 15th century Britain. The exhibition looks at our ambiguous relationship with these birds through numerousness and close proximity, two of the main reasons many of us dislike them.

Exhibition Dates: 3rd-25th August
Open Mon-Fri 7am-7pm, Sat 9am-5pm

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Cities in transition symposium: Photography in Paris and Australia at the turn of the 20th century

AGNSW's upcoming exhibition Eugène Atget: old Paris has a number of related events, a highlight is Judy Annear's Cities in transition symposium: Photography in Paris and Australia at the turn of the 20th century, that explores the early 20th-century documentary photography of Eugène Atget and assesses its relevance to an Australian context. Speakers include Françoise Reynaud, curator of photographs, Musée Carnavalet, Paris; Helen Ennis; Martyn Jolly;Catherine De Lorenzo and chaired by Judy Annear.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Janina Green @ Colour Factory

Janina Green's current exhibition Be Home Before Dark at the Colour Factory propels us into what Simon Gregg describes as "psycho-scapes" - those haunting nature experiences that come with their own soundtrack. Janina Green uses film and prints by hand but don't let that put you off. Check it out until 28 July 2012

Colour Factory Melbourne
409-429 Gore Street, Fitzroy, Victoria 3065.
T (+61) 03-9419-8756.