Saturday, May 16, 2009

Exhibition opening David Callow 3.00pm Sunday 17 May 2009

Join us on Sunday at 3.00pm for the opening of David Callow's exhibition 40 000 + 40

To be opened by Rupert Myer AM Chairman, National Gallery of Australia

The exhibition title refers to the 1967 referendum, held to change the Australian Constitution. The referendum ensured that the Federal Government could now include and make law for all Australians, black and white without discrimination, and that all Australians would be counted as one and recognised officially in any future census.

Rupert Myer AM, Chairman, National Gallery of Australia, has travelled with David to remote communities and says," I immediately recognised in David's photographs his ability to portray an extraordinary range of personalities. David's portraiture shows a deep respect for, understanding of and connection with the individuals and communities of the Northern Territory and as with all good photography his work draws out the vitality, humour and individuality of his subjects".

David’s photograph of Cathy Freeman’s triumphant moment at the 1994 Commonwealth Games has become an iconic image for our times.

In 2001 David received the World press photo gold medal for his work on the Sydney Olympics.

David will be giving an artist's talk on Thursday 18 June at 3.00pm

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