Thursday, September 3, 2009

Around the Albert Street galleries

The Albert Street Galleries in Richmond just happen to be showcasing some interesting examples of contemporary photography by Melbourne-based artists at the moment.

Karen Woodbury has Jane Burton's latest series, Ivy, on display. It's Jane doing what Jane probably does better than anyone else; gothic psycho-scapes with an antipodean underbelly. This latest body of work goes sepia, evoking daguerreotype dreams of nineteenth century whimsy. See this now! And then look out for her upcoming survey at Glen Eira, which will include work from MGA's collection

Jenny Port Gallery is showing a new body of work by the VCA's wunderkind, Chantal Faust. In the accompanying essay, Ted Colless tells us that the show is all about Chantal giving head to a flat bed scanner. That's a good place to start; the work is more broadly concerned with the digital mediation of intimacy and leads the viewer into some truly fascinating pictorial spaces.

And Anita Traverso Gallery has some photography from its stockroom in their front space. If you missed the solo exhibitions by John Bodin and Onerva Utriainen earlier in 2009, this is your chance to catch-up.
image: Chantal Faust Tiki

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