Saturday, July 3, 2010

Anne Zahalka: The way things appear

Winter is a good time for exhibitions throughout Melbourne. It can be easy to miss them though as the cold days and even colder nights tend to keep us locked up in our homes and offices with heaters blasting. And it seems much easier to read about them in the paper or visit their websites instead.

I was glad I ventured into the city on Tuesday night to attend the opening of a new exhibition by one of MGA’s prominent collection artists, Anne Zahalka. Her exhibition, The way things appear, examines the relationship between art, its spaces and its audiences. Stemming from Zahalka’s interest in tourist sites and the way they are seen by tourists, the photographs in this exhibition depict artworks on the walls of international art galleries and viewers interacting with them.

The way things appear is on at Arc One in Flinders Lane until 24 July.

Stella Loftus-Hills

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